About Master Feng Shui Ang

Master Feng Shui Ang started in 1998 when Master Feng Shui expert Master Ang, then 28 years old, offers Feng Shui services.

Practicing Feng Shui requires a skill that combines intuition, magic, interior design, common sense, and artistic drive. It can also be seen as a universal view that embraces heaven, earth, people, and energy. All these elements are connected by chi through Feng Shui. You can expand and improve your life in every aspect. In order to stay healthy and happy, we have to let good energy known to the Chinese as Ch’i – flow freely through our bodies and our environment. Master Feng Shui Ang offers an holistic approach to restoring and keeping balance and harmony in prospects such as good love life, good career, good business, good health and in every aspect of life .

Master Feng Shui Ang is willing to help to those who suffer from problems concerning relationships, career, finance, legal cases, business, health and so on. We provide solutions to your problem. Discover how Master Feng Shui Ang can help you to improve your life bringing good wealth, success, good health, and happiness .



Master Feng Shui Ang offers the Chinese body Feng Shui ritual with the intention of getting rid all the bad luck and zap out all the negative energy and bad vibration in your body. Everything that holds you back in life will be banished including bad luck and bad energy from your body.
The Chinese body Feng Shui ritual is a Chinese art and living science that helps you balance your yin yang (negative-positive) energy and negative-positive vibration using 5 elements. Once you have a balance yin yang energy and vibration, all elements in your life can change in many positive ways like increasing your wealth, helping you to harmonize your love, good relationship, protect from curse and witch craft, attract success, good career, attract more money, good business, good health and happiness.
Master Feng Shui Ang offers ghost or bad spirits removal services. There are many times when a person dies suddenly or with unresolved issues so powerful the person does not fully crossover into the light or complete the journey to their place of origin. In this condition these ghost or earthbound spirit may opportunistically or accidentally attach to a property, a house or the energy field of a person. Master Feng Shui Ang believes that the removal of a ghost or bad spirit is important and sacred work. Both for the earthbound spirits, so they can move to where they are supposed to be, as well for our client, so they can live in a peaceful and comfortable home .
Master Feng Shui Ang also offers free Chinese Feng Shui face reading through interpreting the facial features of a person and explain his/her personality traits and how these affect his/her future fortune.
Master Feng Shui Ang offers free tarot reading. Feng Shui Tarot reading can help to explain your current situation and anticipate future events.
Chinese Feng Shui face reading takes into account the following features of the face: ears, forehead, eyebrows, eyes, cheek, nose, mouth, and chin. Other features such as wrinkle lines, and other markings are also important.
The Chinese Feng Shui believes that the face can be used to predict the future and fortune of an individual. Fortune telling from the face has long history. It focuses on your face using Feng Shui to attract different kind of fortune into your life.
Master Feng Shui Ang offers free Feng Shui consultation and free Feng Shui fortune telling palm reading. The practice of Feng Shui palm reading is to analyze their future or to correct the imbalance. Here are some examples of imbalanced bad luck, relationship problem, career problem, business problem, ill-health problem. We correct the imbalanced in order to stay happy, good career, good business, good love life, good health.
Master Feng Shui Ang is offers Feng Shui counseling treatment for those who suffer marriage problem , stress , sexual issues , depression , physical abuse , drug addictions , grief , alcohol addictions , panic disorders , gambling addictions , or any problem . Our mission is to improve the quality of life for individuals , families and communities by helping people make positive changes in their lives .
Master Feng Shui Ang offers lucky charms and prosperity items are excellent supplement to the practice of Feng Shui. Effective charms are those blessed accordingly by the master for the purpose. They are motivated and inspired to greater achievement and success. To be sure of authenticity always look for the Master Feng Shui Ang lucky charms items and it ‘s packaging to sure that they are effective and have been blessed .
Master Feng Shui Ang ay handang tumulong sa lahat ng mga tao may problema tulad ng problema sa asawa pagtataksil, problema sa pag-ibig, problema sa pera, problema sa career, problema sa negosyo, problema sa kaso sa batas, problema sa kalusugan.
Marami tayo ginagawang para maging masaya sa buhay at maging makulay ang ating buhay. Pero kadalasan ay bigo pa rin tayo makamit ang gusto natin sa buhay.
Master Feng Shui Ang ay nagbibigay ng Feng Shui ritual sa katawan ng tao at Chinese black Feng Shui power, isang karunungang na intensyong pumigil sa lahat na uring ng kamalasan at pumigil sa lahat na uring ng kulam na manakit at magdulot ng sumpa sa tao.
Hindi ba kayo nagtataka kung bakit napakaraming Chinese na milyonaryong, masaya sa buhay, maganda kalusugan at maganda daloy ng suwerte sa buhay. Naisip na ba ninyo kahit minsan kung maari ninyo malaman ang kanilang mga sikreto ng tagumpay?
Sa pamamagitan ng aking malawak na karunungang sa Feng Shui at Feng Shui ritual sa katawan ng tao at Chinese black Feng Shui power, isang kaalamang sikreto para hulihin ang mga malas o sipsipin ang mga negative energy, maitaboy ang malas upang akitin ang suwerte at masaya kasaganaan sa buhay.
Napakalaki ng papel na ginagawa ng Master Feng Shui Ang para hulihin o sipsipin ang negative energy at negative vibration para maitaboy ang malas na nasa katawan ng isang tao, upang akitin ang suwerte at kasaganaan sa buhay.
Master Feng Shui Ang nagbibigay ng libreng Feng Shui hula sa palad upang malaman kung bakit minamalas o kung bakit marami hindi magaganda nangyayari sa buhay ng isang tao.
Master Feng Shui Ang nagbibigay ng libreng Feng Shui hula sa mukha upang malaman kung ang isang tao ay may malakas na nagative energy at negative vibration na siya dahilan kung bakit minamalas ang isang tao.
Master Feng Shui Ang nagbibigay ng libreng feng shui tarot reading. Ang Feng Shui tarot reading ay isang paraan paano Makita o malaman ang mangyayari sa buhay ng isang tao.
Mula pa sa mga unang tao sa mundo , ang panghuhula ay isang nang kaalamang upang gabayan ang mga tao na nakararamdam na parang may kulang o minamalas sa buhay .
Ang magandang halimbawa may humula na may isisilang na manunubos mula sa isang ordinaryong babae at ito ay naganap kay maria na siyang ina ng ating dakila manunubos.
Sina moises at joseph na anak ni jacob , may humula na may isang tao mag-aalis sa mga israelita sa pagkaalipin sa ehipto at nangyari ito dahil kay moises.
Naniniwala ang Feng Shui na ang hula ay walang bayad at ginagawa ng Master Feng Shui Ang libre hula para masira ang paniniwala na ang hula ay may bayad. Huwag matakot tumawag sa panahong nakakaramdam na parang may kulang o problema sa inyo buhay.
Master Feng Shui Ang nagbibigay ng suwerte sa buhay at nagtataboy ng malas sa buhay.
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Client Confidentiality Policy

Your privacy is important to us. We do not normally discuss our client services with any third parties. All information that come to our attention in the cause of our work will be protected and dealt with confidentially.

Master Feng Shui Ang main goal is to serve people who suffer from relationship problem , business problem , career problem , bad luck , loss money , curse and witch craft problem , health problem or any problem . We correct using Feng Shui ritual to influence the external lucky chi energy and create a balanced energy level that will help people protect and it drives away bad luck and evil spirits.

The Feng Shui you can trust ** Master Feng Shui Ang**

Master Feng Shui Ang offers event service, corporate event, wedding event, birthday event, alumni homecoming event, wedding anniversaries, or any event. You can add more spice to your event. We provide a unique and creative approach on our Feng Shui event service.

We are happy to offers our Master Feng Shui Ang event service Feng Shui fortune telling palm reading , face reading , tarot reading.

All my client are satisfied and happy with our service.

Note: Master Feng Shui Ang by Feng Shui expert Master Ang warned the public to be careful of person and individuals who are using his name or Master Feng Shui Ang for their scam and illegal activities. Master Feng Shui Ang by Feng Shui expert Master Ang provides free Chinese Feng Shui consultation and free Chinese Feng Shui fortune telling palm reading and face reading, no fee or no payment will be collected. Beware of scam, fraud, and illegal activities. We would like to thank the public for their continuous support and trust.